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Bishi - ‘Albion Voice’

This is quite possibly the greatest song EVER written about being brown in the UK.  It touches on everything I’ve ever thought about in relation to identity & nationhood plus it manages to be revolutionary & political as well as twee in a folk kind of way.  Bishi is one of the most important artists we have (in my opinion) but she’s also one of the most bonkers!

I wont tell a lie, but this track has had me blubbing like a baby on more than one occasion.


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**18th September 2012**

Bobby Friction moves to as new radio slot on the BBC as the FRICTION show ends.

Today the BBC & Bobby Friction officially announced the end of ‘FRICTION’ on the BBC Asian Network after 6 and half years of nightly broadcasts, 2 Asian Music Awards, 2 Sony nominations, 1 Sony Gold Award & thousands of artists getting their first break on radio.

The week nightly FRICTION show started whilst Bobby was still presenting on Radio 1 and cemented him as THE definitive voice championing all genres and styles of “DESI” music and South Asian beats on radio. Playing the anthems & representing Desi Music on his co-presented, Sony Gold Award winning BBC Radio 1 show proved to not be enough - so FRICTION on the BBC Asian Network was launched to cover an even wider range of musical expression & via BBC INTRODUCING was entrusted with the task of finding out & breaking new artists & genres. 10 years on BBC Radio has meant his legacy is so far is untouchable & will most probably be for years to come.

Bobby Said:
“The last 10 years has been a decade of musical madness for me! I came to the BBC as a jobbing DJ who had his foot in many camps playing Bhangra & Desi as well as Asian Underground & Drum & Bass. I assumed I’d spend a few years on Radio 1, play a few gigs then retire to the great club night in the sky! What happened after that including the awards, the new genres I represented & the many acts I helped unearth was a dream come true & a massive surprise. If someone told me a show on BBC radio would lead to DJing all over the world, a new career in making Radio documentaries & lots of TV work I wouldn’t have believed them!

The biggest bonus however has been the emotional rush of discovering a new artist at the beginning of their career, introducing them to the world then watching as their careers, albums & music finally gain massive acceptance after initial resistance from the rest of the Industry. That’s what’s really made my decade in radio.

I’d also like to thank the many producers, assistant producers, executives & station managers I’ve worked with over the years.”

Bobby was asked by management at the BBC Asian Network (who launched a radical new schedule today) whether he wanted to continue presenting FRICTION on Friday & Saturday nights or if he wanted to launch their new early evening Music & Entertainment show, 5 nights a week right in the heart of their mainstream hours. The decision to switch, not arrived to lightly, cements Bobby’s place at the centre of the stations new output and will see him mixing up his musical knowledge & passion for the new, as well as his other sides as an entertainer, journalist & new dad!

Bobby Said:
“This new show is the entire focus of my career now. You can keep the more left-field music I’ve played in the evening & weekends but you can’t keep ME on the periphery any longer. Tell the Desis of Planet Earth I’m coming for them, their sons & daughters, their friends & their idols! The last 10 years was a warm-up…get ready for the main event!”

The new show which launches on 22nd October will see a big early evening, event-radio style radio experience which will have Bobby joined by new Asian Network signing “Anoushka Sharma” & a team ready to make the show a must listen. A space for the latest Brit Asian Music news & tracks as well as an environment where Bollywood also gets a good look in, the new show is ready to connect ALL Asian Network listeners from the tip of Scotland to Lands End, and every community in between.

Bobby will continue to promote Desi & South Asian music as he always has through new emerging projects that will be announced over the coming weeks, as well as DJing globally & pushing Asian Electronic music specifically through his FRICTION SOUND SYSTEM live music project who debut next month at India’s biggest music festival, NH7 in New Delhi.

Bobby Said:
“You can take me out of my BBC slot & move me earlier up the schedule but you can’t take what made me & my life out of my brain. I will still be pushing, extolling & promoting the music that I love & excitingly for me I’ll now get a chance to get on the road again as a performer & lover of radical Desi Music. I can’t wait to bring the FRICTION SOUND SYSTEM to a stage near you!”

Bobby Also Said:
“Yasser Ranjha will be presenting the new BBC INTRODUCING style show on BBC Asian Network, Friday nights. I’ve been mentoring Yaaser since he was a University student & have known his work, personality & passion for years. The Desi musicians out there worried about me leaving mustn’t do that whatsoever. Yasser is the chosen one, the anointed son of the master & the frikkin future man!!! The time has come for ALL my generation to pass the flame unto the next like some stone-age ritual…so come take this out of my hands Yasser…it’s starting to bloody hurt!” - 18th September 2012
*Bobby Will be presenting a very special last Friction show on 18th October 2002, BBC Asian Network
*A Biog of Bobby’s work can be found in the Bio section at
* A list just a few of the artists Bobby Introduced to the BBC Radio can be found here:
*Please contact via for further info.


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PSY - ‘Gangnam Style’

All hail the new king of Swagistan!  South Korea is now my spiritual home.x

Faris Shafi Feat. Mooroo – ‘Awam’

Satirical Paki Rappers from Lahore? Must be 2012. (Thanks to Riz Mc for giving me the infostanis..)

ps. This video is the bastard filmic love child of Noor Jahan having a sexy dinner date with Shahid Afridi after an anger management session.


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R.I.P. Kuly Ral (June 5th 1977 - May 22nd 2012)

Official Release from RDB:

The international music fraternity has faced a saddening loss with Kuly of music band RDB, passing away on 22nd May 2012 in Houston, Texas, USA. The popular music group member sadly lost his battle with cancer at the young age of 35 years old.

Kuly was diagnosed with a brain tumour in April 2011 and underwent radio and chemotherapy. He was receiving treatment at a specialized clinic in Houston at the time of his death.

Kuly was an intrinsic part of RDB, a leading international music group, famed for their contribution to globalizing Bhangra and Indian music. His legacy will remain with RDB and their super-hit tracks such as Aaja Mahi, Singh is Kinng, Aloo Chaat and Shera di Kaum.

RDB and the family have asked that their privacy is respected at this very difficult time and thank their fans and well-wishers for their continued support and condolences.

RDB’s facebook page has been opened up for those who wish to pay their respects to Kuly and his family. To leave a message please visit:

Dj Sanj Feat. Satwinder Birdi - ‘Tusi Bewafa’

This is a brilliant tune if your heart has been broken in Punjabi…as well as English.  Warning» Do not listen to straight after a messy break-up! ;)


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Desi Battle Rap - The REAL Asian 8 Mile competition.

Burban, Urban Desi, Desi MC’s & Asian Rappers….This is where its at! LOLZ…..!!!

Satinder Sartaj - ‘Sai’

I am not a religious man whatsoever, but this song, video & vibe is surely one of the reasons we exist.  Music can shred the layers of assumption away until the only thing left is the truth. Shed a tear for the human race & for the love that resides within you.

Bobby Friction at The Burningman Festival Parts 1,2, & 3.

Check out the videos made in 2009 to accompany my BBC Radio 1 documentary on the Burningman Festival.  It changed my life forever and makes Glastonbury look like a kiddies playground!